About Us

Tripseed was founded during the global pandemic by a group of like-minded destination management experts with over two decades of combined experience in the industry. So what did we have in common you might ask? What makes a group of people like us think that starting a travel company in the middle of a global travel shutdown is a good idea?

Well… we all believed that the local travel industry needed to grow back better.

The global pandemic was a wake-up call for many businesses. The travel industry needs to change. Its growth needs to happen more ethically and sustainably than it has in the past. Not just environmentally, but by significantly improving equality for local employees, supporting locally-owned businesses, and providing self-sustaining growth opportunities for local communities. We seek to provide an alternative to the status quo that makes achieving this a reality.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most trusted destination operator and distributor, known for unparalleled customer-centricity and industry-leading ethical principles.

Meet the Team

Suphawadi Cluckie - June - Tripseed Profile New

Suphawadi (June)

Co-Founder, Director of Inbound

June’s career in tourism began after graduating from one of Thailand’s top universities as a German-speaking linguist. She started as Tour Guide back in 2014, and since then has worked her way up through the ranks of German-speaking Reservations and Account Management for inbound travel at some of the region’s largest Destination Management Companies whilst handling client reservations and trip planning for some of Germany’s most distinguished travel retailers.

Narissara (Nat)

Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Travel has been Nat’s life and passion since the very beginning. Starting out as a Tour Guide, Nat’s introduction to the travel industry had her working alongside the travellers themselves. Through meeting tourists from all over the world and being responsible for the joy they got from their holidays, Nat developed enormous experience from all the obstacles and challenges that she had to overcome along the way, teaching her to achieve unrivalled operational excellence. Before joining Tripseed, Nat was overseeing all northern Thailand operations for one of the country’s largest DMC’s.

Narissara Wongmahawan - Nat - Co-founder and Director at Tripseed
Ewan Cluckie - Tripseed Profile New


Founder | Chartered Marketer, MAM

Ewan is a postgraduate from the UK’s prestigious Manchester Business School. He is a Chartered Marketer and member of the distinguished Academy of Marketing. Being an avid traveller, Ewan parachuted into the travel industry some eight years ago and hasn’t looked back. Living in Thailand for the best part of a decade, he has worked on some of the biggest brands in destination management. As a former Global Director of Marketing, he has overseen teams of experts around the world from New Zealand to Mexico, bringing a fresh maturation of marketing practices to the B2B travel sector. He has operated across Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and more before launching Tripseed.

Our Mission

Tripseed is committed to providing immersive and ethical travel experiences that foster cultural understanding as well as social and environmental sustainability. We empower our partners to allow their travellers to explore the world with confidence, connecting them to unique destinations and local communities while promoting responsible travel practices. With a focus on transparency, authenticity, and personalised service, we aim to create unforgettable travel experiences that leave a positive impact on people and the planet.

Utilising our rich local expertise and community connections, we inspire growth for our partners and their travellers. We aim to plant the roots of long-term business partnerships through honesty, expert consultation, exciting products, and destination knowledge. We aim to harmonise all stakeholders, from our trade partners and travellers to our employees and our local communities, and make the world a better place to travel.

The success of Tripseed is not only driven by the quality of our products and services, but also through our steadfast dedication to our values, our approach, and the way we treat all of our stakeholders.

Our Values

Be rooted in diversity, inclusiveness and equality

Always nurture open and honest communication

Focus on our stakeholder's growth and our growth will follow

Always let personal development thrive

Always prioritise long term growth over short term gains

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