Lanjia Lodge Chiang Rai

3 Star
Chiang Rai
Lanjia Lodge is an eco lodge managed and run by the local Hmong and Lahu hilltribe people, offering traditional accommodation and a whole range of exploratory activities.

Why we like it...

The lodge is run by the local Hmong people, and profits from the business go back into the community. We feel that this offers visitors to northern Thailand a fantastic opportunity to ethically experience the local culture with a whole range of exciting experiences.

Lanjia Lodge is an eco-friendly, community-based lodge built on top of a hill in Chiang Rai province overlooking the Mekong River into Laos. The word ‘lanjia’ itself means peaceful, and its location and style atop this peak make it feel like a serene mystical outpost. The traditional design is in keeping and celebratory of the local Hmong and Lahu hill tribes, with homemade handicrafts, wooden teak furniture, and local woven fabrics and patterns adorning every room.

The lodge is comprised of four guesthouses, each with four bedrooms. While the emphasis here is on retaining local culture and styles, there are still modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and en-suite bathrooms. The local hosts, people of the Hmong and Lahu hilltribes, go out of their way to accommodate and ensure everything about your stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The experience element to this hotel is its major draw, with a whole programme of activities available to enable visitors to immerse themselves within the local community.

All visitors are taken on personal tours of the villages to freely intermingle and converse with the local people, even meeting the local shamans. Contributions from your stay will go towards community projects decided on by the collective community.

In terms of the specific activities, there are plenty of nature trails and trekking opportunities to nearby waterfalls and mountain peaks. There are also Mekong River cruises to explore the meandering waterways, complete with knowledgeable English-speaking guides. A popular experience is the golden triangle tour, a trip to the point of convergence between Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. There are also further opportunities for interaction with batik classes and cooking classes. No matter what activities are selected, guests are sure to leave Lanjia lodge having got to grips the hilltribe culture and an appreciation for their traditions.

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