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Ethical Elephant Encounter in Chiang Mai (Join-In)

Embark on an immersive and ethical Elephant encounter in Chiang Mai. Walk with elephants, enjoy Thai refreshments, learn about traditional weaving, and engage in a cooking class. A memorable experience that combines conservation, cultural exploration, and a hands-off encounter with these majestic creatures.
Tour Timings
07:30 - 16:30
Full Day
Meals Included
Chiang Mai


Today’s ethical Elephant encounter will begin as you are picked up at your hotel. Please note, there will be no hands-on interaction with the elephants today as this experience follows a hands-off, observation only approach, in order to protect the health and wellbeing of these magnificent animals. You will embark on drive lasting roughly one and a half hours outside the city and into the northern foothills. Upon arrival, you’ll be introduced to the program’s schedule and learn about the sanctuary’s history and future.

Embark on an elephant walk into the forest, guided by experts. Observe the elephants grazing and socialising from a safe distance. Meet the mahouts, learn about the resident elephants, and discover fascinating facts about Asian Elephants. A “live lecture” on elephant conservation and behaviour will enhance your understanding.

Enjoy traditional Thai refreshments at a rest station overlooking a mud pit where elephants love to bathe and play. Watch the playful antics while savouring your refreshments.

Head to the riverside sala and learn about enrichment activities. Help fill feeding tubes with corn, sugar cane, grass, and bananas, then witness the elephants enjoy their treats while taking in the scenic view from the observation deck.

Afterwards, you will savour a delicious Thai vegetarian lunch and learn about the community’s history and traditional weaving techniques at the Karen Cultural Centre. Try your hand at weaving and support the local artisans by purchasing handmade items if you wish.

You will also pay a visit to a traditional herb garden to learn about medicinal plants for elephants and humans. Collect various herbs and gain insights into their healing properties.

Engage in an Elephant Cooking Class at the riverside sala. Prepare supplements for the elephants while learning about their health, diet, and the benefits of each ingredient. Interact with the mahouts who care for the elephants, deepening your understanding of their role in Thai culture.

Conclude the day with a Mahout chat at the riverside sala. Observe the elephants alongside the mahouts and engage in meaningful conversations, further immersing yourself in local Thai culture.

Once the day concludes, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel, carrying cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for elephants and the local communities who support them.

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  • Pick up time 7.30-8.00 AM | Drop off time 4.30-5.00 PM
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