Bamboo rafting

Footprints of the Akha: A Trail of Tradition, Wilderness and Bamboo River Rafting

Get to know the Akha way of life via a wild trail, bamboo rafting, and more. Visit Nam Tok Mok Fa waterfall, an indigenous Ahka village, and trek through their foraging and hunting grounds. End with tranquil bamboo rafting, a moderate level adventure unveiling the true nature and culture of northern Thailand.
Tour Timings
08:30 - 16:30
Full Day
Meals Included
Chiang Mai


Begin your day by leaving the vibrant city of Chiang Mai behind, embarking on a journey that promises to immerse you in the untouched beauty of northern Thailand. The adventure starts with a drive to Nam Tok Mok Fa waterfall, a natural masterpiece that will leave you in awe. The cascading waters create a mesmerising symphony as they merge with the serene surroundings.

After your rendezvous with nature at the waterfall, make your way to a charming cafe nestled amidst the wilderness. Here, you’ll savour a delightful lunch, relishing the flavours of the region while being surrounded by the tranquil ambiance of the jungle.

From there, your expedition continues to a local Ahka village, a community steeped in tradition and culture. The journey itself is an experience, as you traverse landscapes that shift from bustling cityscapes to rural idylls. Upon arrival at the village, you’ll step into a world that offers a glimpse into the lives of this indigenous community.

The heart of the adventure awaits as you set foot on a trekking experience that will lead you deep into nature. This rough trail, frequently used by the local community, is a gateway to their way of life – foraging for vegetables, herbs, and fruits, hunting wild game, and fishing. Your journey will see you follow alongside a meandering stream that winds its way through the dense jungle. Be prepared for wading into the stream as you navigate your way along, immersing your feet in its cool waters and embracing the rhythm of the wilderness.

The trek itself is of moderate intensity, offering a balance of challenge and immersion. As you walk, you’ll feel the connection to the land and the people who have walked this path for generations. The experience is enriched during the green season when the stream might require you to wade deeper.

At the end of the stream, where it forms a confluence with a larger river, our trek will come to an end and a bamboo rafting escapade awaits. You’ll navigate the gentle currents, guided by the sway of the water, as you float down the river on a traditional bamboo raft. The duration of this journey depends on the water’s whims, ranging from a leisurely 30-minute drift to an unhurried hour-long glide.

It’s important to note that this adventure, while enchanting, might not be suitable for individuals below the age of eight, the elderly, or anyone who has limited mobility. Suitable footwear, such as waterproof non-slip shoes or proper trekking sandals, is recommended to ensure a comfortable trek and rafting experience, and don’t forget to pack a quick change of clothes!

As the day’s light begins to wane, your expedition will wind down. You have the option to return to the Ahka village and enjoy the evening’s tranquility with a local homestay experience. Here, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the hospitality of the locals as the day arrives to its conclusion with the sizzling and savoury notes of Mookrata, a Thai BBQ feast that promises to tantalise your taste buds. Alternatively, journey back to the lively embrace of Chiang Mai City, your heart and mind enriched by the day’s remarkable encounters with nature and tradition.

If opting to return to Chiang Mai, there will be an additional 1 hour 30 minute – 2 hours drive beyond the specified tour timing for the return journey to the city arriving around 18:00.

What to bring: 

Comfortable clothes, Dry change of clothes, proper trekking sandals / non-slip shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and waterproof bag 

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  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years old
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