Highlands of Heritage- Doi Mae Salong Adventure

Highlands of Heritage: Doi Mae Salong Adventure

Explore the rich history and lush landscapes of Doi Mae Salong on this full-day adventure. Trek through diverse plantations, indulge in Yunnan cuisine, and immerse yourself in the legacy of the Kuomintang soldiers, all while enjoying stunning vistas and local tea.
Tour Timings
08:30 - 16:30
Full Day
Meals Included
Chiang Rai


Set off from your Chiang Rai hotel and journey to the historical Doi Mae Salong, where tales of the 93rd Division of the Kuomintang soldiers unfold amidst the community’s vibrant life. Your exploration begins with a tribute at the Memorial of Heroes, a solemn space honouring the Chinese soldiers’ contributions and sacrifices.

With your local guide, delve into the museum’s exhibits, offering insights into the soldiers’ odyssey and the impact of their presence in Thailand. While the museum provides multilingual explanations, a little pre-study or the company of our guide can greatly enrich your understanding of this poignant history.

Next, embrace the natural beauty of Doi Mae Salong with a low-intensity four kilometre trek. The path weaves through local orchards and plantations, where avocados, cherries, coffee, guava, and tea grow in abundance. As you traverse this terrain, the guide may fashion trekking sticks from bamboo, aiding your journey. Witness the villagers’ harmonious lifestyle and their agricultural practices that have paved the way for a prosperous community.

Conclude your trek at a local restaurant, where a well-deserved break awaits. Here, sample the flavours of Yunnan as you dine on authentic and fusion dishes, all while taking in the panoramic views from the restaurant’s balcony.

The final leg of your journey takes you to the 101 Tea Plantation. Amidst the sprawling tea fields, indulge in a tasting session that introduces you to a variety of Oolong teas and provides the opportunity to learn all about the intricate process of tea-making.

As the day comes to a close, you’ll return to your hotel, carrying with you a deeper appreciation of Doi Mae Salong’s history, culture, and natural splendour. This excursion, crafted for those who cherish historical depth and natural beauty, offers a window into the heart of Northern Thailand’s heritage and the enduring legacy of its people.

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