Ways of Life of the Lahu

Ways of Life of the Lahu

Discover the hidden wonders of a Lahu hill tribe on this immersive journey through Chiang Mai’s Fang district, where authentic cultural experiences and the art of tea cultivation await.
Tour Timings
07:00 - 18:00
Full Day
Meals Included
Chiang Mai


Embark on a journey from the heart of Chiang Mai towards the serene northern region of Fang, where a tapestry of natural beauty unfolds during the picturesque drive. Upon reaching our meeting point, you’ll be greeted with stories that breathe life into the rich history of this Lahu community.

Here, a local village leader awaits to guide you through a day of profound cultural immersion. The adventure intensifies as you climb aboard a 4×4 truck, venturing through the untouched countryside to a Lahu Hilltribe Village. The ascent offers a rush of excitement, hinting at the authentic experiences that await.

Within the village, the art of tea picking becomes your window into the local life, as you learn the secrets of tea cultivation that have been carefully preserved over time. The experience is not just about observing but engaging with the community, understanding their connection to the land and their crops.

A traditional lunch, crafted using bamboo methods, offers a moment to savour the local flavours, a culinary reflection of the village’s way of life. The meal is not just nourishment but an integral part of the cultural tapestry you’re weaving with each passing moment.

The afternoon brings a new skill to master as you join the villagers in a basket-weaving session. Guided by the skilled hands of the Lahu people, you’ll weave more than just bamboo strips; you’ll weave memories and a deeper appreciation for their enduring crafts.

As the day draws to a close, the 4×4 truck carries you back to the starting point, leaving the village behind but taking a piece of its spirit with you. The return journey to your hotel is a time for reflection, a chance to process the authenticity and adventure that have marked your day.

This excursion is a true testament to our commitment to providing immersive and responsible tourism experiences. It’s designed for active travellers who seek to engage with culture and history authentically and is especially unique due to the personal touch of the village leader’s storytelling. While the rugged journey to the village may not be for everyone, it’s this very path that sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Lahu life.

Important Information
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Local Tour Guide
  • Transportation
  • Meals and Snacks as mentioned
  • Drinking Water
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  • Personal Expenses
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  • Suitable for children age 8 years and above.
  • This Tour starts from Chiang Mai
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