How to Apply for Thailand Pass: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Complete the application to get a Thailand Pass without all the stress by following this step-by-step guide that details exactly how to register for Thailand Pass simply and successfully.

In order to enter Thailand, either as a tourist or as a returning resident, it is a requirement to have an approved Thailand Pass before arrival into the country.

We provide complete Thailand Pass support on all Tripseed bookings. Since the changes implemented on the 29th April 2022, approvals should take no longer than 48 hours. Net industry rates are available for all Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

For safety’s sake, however, we recommend following the government advice and allowing up to 7 days between application and approval. The Thailand Pass application may be submitted up to 60 days prior to travel.

To see the current travel restrictions for Thailand or understand more about the different channels of entry, please see our comprehensive guide to the latest Thailand Travel Advice and join our affiliated Facebook group to ask any questions.

What is Thailand Pass?

Introduced on November 1st, 2021, the Thailand Pass system replaced the previously required Certificate of Entry (COE).

The Thailand Pass system streamlines the required arrival documentation and aims to minimise the risk of Covid-19 infections from entering the country, as well as ensure travellers have adequate health insurance in the event they test positive for Covid-19 whilst in Thailand.

It is a requirement for all travellers arriving by air into Thailand, irrespective of if they are fully vaccinated travellers, or unvaccinated travellers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that travellers planning to come to Thailand apply for Thailand Pass at least 7 days prior to travel in order to allow time for all documents to be processed.

Travellers can register for Thailand Pass at


What are the Thailand Pass Requirements?

To get approved for a Thailand Pass and obtain the necessary QR code, it is important to meet a few requirements first.  In general, travellers are required to have a valid passport, visa (if required), and a minimum of 10,000 USD health insurance coverage that includes cover for Covid-19.

From April 29th, 2022, there are only two channels of entry into Thailand. Test and Go, Phuket Sandbox, and Alternative Quarantine have all been removed. Now, entry has been simplified into No-Quarantine, and Quarantine entry methods.

All fully vaccinated travellers are free to enter via the no-quarantine route without any restrictions. Un-vaccinated travellers, or travellers not fully vaccinated, must undergo a 5-day quarantine in a pre-booked AQ hotel. The exception being, if unvaccinated travellers can show proof of a negative RT-PCR test result taken within 72 hours of travel and uploaded to the Thailand Pass system, they will be free to travel anywhere on arrival just like vaccinated travellers. Vaccines recognised by Thailand for applying for Thailand Pass include; CoronaVac (Sinovac), AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, COVILO (Sinopharm, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna, and Sputnik V. 

Travellers that have previously been infected with Covid-19, are considered fully vaccinated if they have also received a single dose of an approved vaccine and have a recovery certificate signed by a medical professional.

The details of these requirements differ depending on whether you are vaccinated or not, so do take care which channel of entry you are applying for when following the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare your documents

Before beginning, it is important to note that the Thailand Pass application requires your documents to be prepared as jpeg files. PDF’s may not currently be uploaded to the system, with the exception of an additional documents section at the end. It is important to convert all of the following required documents to jpeg image files before you begin.

Thailand Pass Requirements for No Quarantine entry

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. Proof of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travel. This may be a vaccination certificate or vaccination passport.
    • Travellers with a covid recovery certificate only require proof of a single dose. This must also show recovery was at least 14 days prior to travel.
  3. A minimum of 10,000 USD health insurance coverage that includes coverage in the case of testing positive with Covid-19.
  4. If unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated – proof of a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of travel.

Thailand Pass Requirements for Quarantine Entry

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. Confirmed and pre-paid AQ hotel bookings for 5 days.
  3. Payment receipt for a PCR test on Day 4-5 (during quarantine).
  4. Pre-paid SHA Plus approved airport transfer direct to your quarantine hotel on arrival.
  5. A minimum of 10,000 USD health insurance coverage that includes coverage in the case of testing positive with Covid-19.

Step 2: Register on the Thailand Pass website

Once you have all of your documentation prepared according to step 1 above, visit to begin your registration on the Thailand Pass application system.

On the opening screens, you will need to select whether you are arriving by air or land, and are a Thai National or Non-Thai National to proceed. Our instructions will be for Non-Thai Nationals arriving by air, but the application process is essentially the same.

Thailand Pass Registration System Homepage
Thailand Pass Registration System Start Page

The next page will ask you to select your channel of entry. Here, we advise you to consider your planned trip. For most people, the ‘No-Quarantine’ entry will be the preferred route forward; if you wish to travel around Thailand freely.

Thailand Pass Resgistration System - Channel of Entry

You will next be asked to accept the compliance rules of the Thailand Pass scheme before proceeding to enter the details of your trip.

Once accepted, you will move onto the Purpose of Arrival page.

  1. For general holiday and tourism purposes, select ‘Travel’ as your Purpose of Arrival.
  2. Choose your initial country of departure (ignore any transit en route for this field).
  3. Select your arrival airport.
  4. Enter your arrival flight number. (If you do have a transit en route and arrive to Thailand on a connecting flight, enter the connecting flight number. The one that will land in Thailand.)
  5. Enter your Date of Arrival and estimated Date of Departure. (Date of departure will not show if you have selected ‘Returning to Thailand’ as your purpose of arrival).
Thailand Pass Registration System - Purpose of Arrival

Accept the consent for data processing that will appear as you continue, and proceed to the Personal Information page.


Step 3: Complete Your Personal Information

The first few steps here are very straightforward. Just be mindful that this page asks for the information of any children/dependants travelling with you, including their vaccination history if applicable. This is ONLY for the vaccination history of the children/dependants, not your own proof of vaccination at this stage.

  1. Enter your personal details exactly as they appear on your passport. (The ID card field is optional. You can either enter your passport number here or leave this field blank).
  2. Upload the jpeg file of your passport information page. (The jpeg should show the passport as per the instructions in the image below. It must be an image of only the single information page, and clearly readable).
  3. (Optional) Select ‘Add more’ if you are travelling with any dependant children.
If you are not travelling with any dependant children, you may safely skip ahead to Step 4: Complete Your Vaccination History
Thailand Pass Registration System - Personal Information Page

Optional Step: Complete information for dependant children

If you are travelling with children, follow the same steps as above for your own information and add their personal information exactly as it appears on their passport, also uploading the jpeg of their passport information page.

  1. If applicable, complete the Covid-19 vaccination history for your child.
    • Children that are 11 years old or younger prior to departure are exempt from any vaccination requirement.
    • Children 12-17 years old and travelling with parents are also exempt from vaccination requirements.
    • Children 12-17 years old and NOT travelling with parents must have proof of at least one dose of an approved vaccine.
    • Everyone over 18 years old must be fully vaccinated.
  2. If your child is required to show proof of vaccination, you must upload a jpeg of their vaccine certificate here.
  3. Enter your Child’s insurance policy number and upload a jpeg of the child’s insurance policy. (Insurance coverage should be clearly displayed on a ONE PAGE cover sheet from your insurance provider. It must clearly show a minimum of 10,000 USD coverage which includes cover for Covid-19, the full name of the person insured and the policy number.
Thailand Pass Registration System - Thailand Pass Application for dependant children

Step 4: Complete Your Vaccination History

Next, it is time to upload your vaccination history. At this step, we strongly recommend you to have individual jpegs of the QR codes for each vaccine dose prepared from the full digital QR certificate if applicable. This will significantly speed up your application approval. 

  1. (Optional) If you have recovered from Covid-19 and have a covid recovery document signed by a medical professional, it should be uploaded first.
    • In the ‘Start Treatment’ field, enter the date you first tested positive for Covid-19.
    • In the ‘To’ field, enter the date your immunity began according to your medical letter.
  2. For your vaccine doses, ensure you upload the correct jpegs and QR codes that correspond to the respective dose and select the correct name of the vaccine (e.g. ‘Comirnaty’ is the official name of Pfizer). If you have 2 doses on one certificate page, just upload the same certificate page for both doses, but add the individual QR code for each dose separately.
  3. (Optional) Add your third booster dose the same way if applicable.

Once done, hit next to move on to your contact and accommodation details.

Accepted QR Code Examples
Thailand Pass Registration System vaccine information page

Step 4: Complete Your Accommodation and Contact Information

For ‘No Quarantine’ applications, there is no requirement for any hotel reservation on arrival. However, you must report the address that you will be staying at upon your arrival in Thailand. For ‘Quarantine’ arrivals, you must upload proof of your 5-day quarantine booking.

View Quarantine Properties

  1. Enter the province and the address of where you will first be staying in Thailand. (Alternatively, you may also use an Agoda booking reference).
  2. Enter your permanent overseas address and phone number, as well as emergency contact details before moving on to the final step. You’re almost there!
Thailand Pass Registration System Accomodation and contact details scaled

Step 5: Upload Your Medical Insurance and Any Additional Documents

You’re finally on the home straight! This final step requires you to upload your medical insurance documentation.

You are free to use any insurer that meets the requirements for Thailand Pass. Tripseed do not provide insurance, however, we currently recommend Staysure for UK/EU travellers, as we have seen clients have the quickest approvals and fewest issues with these policies so far.

  1. Enter your Insurance Policy number
  2. Confirm your coverage exceeds 10,000 USD and covers the duration of your trip.
  3. Enter the date that your coverage begins.
  4. Upload the jpeg of the single page cover sheet with all of the required information.

Here, you also need to enter any other countries you have been to in the 14 days prior to your arrival. This does not include your home country, but you should declare any countries you may have transited through on your way to Thailand.

Finally, you can upload any of the original PDF versions of the files that you have as supporting documents.

Thailand Pass Registration System - Test and Go insurance - Thailand Pass Insurance

On the last screen, you will see a complete overview of your application. 

And that’s it! Congratulations! Hit the submit button and await your approval of your Thailand Pass.

From here, the properties you have booked will have a limited time to confirm your bookings in the Thailand Pass back-end system. It can be worth dropping them a note to let them know you’ve applied.

Applying for Thailand Pass is simple and straightforward providing your documents are in order – but for those of you that do not want the hassle, we provide complimentary Thailand Pass support with all Tripseed Bookings.

Contact us at to get a personalised quote for Test & Go packages, Sandbox packages and much, much more. We provide net industry rates for all travel agents and tour operators.

Thailand Pass FAQs

The Thailand Pass system is provided free-of-charge for travellers and is designed to ease the paperwork requirements for entering the country. Travellers may apply for it themselves without any costs. A complimentary Thailand Pass application service is provided for all Tripseed bookings.

Some companies advertise Thailand Pass service fees in order to support with Thailand Pass applications but we strongly advise care is taken to avoid any scams. There are a lot around.

After April 29th, approvals for Thailand Pass should not take longer than 48 hours, from the time of application, to receiving the approved QR code. This is according to the official government advice which we encourage people to follow.

Applications could be shorter or longer than this depending on the preparation of the required documentation.

We recommend using the option to upload the QR codes of your vaccine doses for the quickest approval.

Our current average approval time ranges from 6 – 48 hours.

Applications may be submitted up to 60 days prior to travel.

If you have booked with Tripseed, you may reach out to your Trip Designer or Dedicated Account Manager who will follow up on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you are proceeding with the application process yourself, you may contact the Thailand Pass helpline.

In case of emergency travel, you may send a request to Alternatively, you may try one of the contact numbers +66 (0) 65 205 4247, +66 (0) 65 205 4248, or +66 (0) 65 205 4249.

For Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga destination, you may email

Thailand Pass no longer requires travellers to stay in an approved property, providing they are fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated travellers are open to travel freely and stay wherever they wish.

Non-vaccinated travellers and travellers who are not fully vaccinated; and who cannot show a negative test within 72 hours prior to departure, must undergo a 5-day hotel quarantine at an AQ approved property.

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