An Eco-Homestay Experience: Unveiling Phrae’s Hidden Charms

3 Days | 2 Nights


Phrae Arrival

Includes Dinner

Upon your arrival, a warm and heartfelt welcome awaits you at this splendid countryside retreat, accompanied by a refreshing drink to kick off your journey. Make sure not to miss the chance to explore the fragrant herb garden and the charming waterfall, an especially captivating sight during the rainy season. As the sun sets, the absence of urban lights allows the starlit hemisphere to dazzle you in all its splendour. Tonight, you'll find yourself resting within the embrace of a teak wooden mansion, an iconic feature of Phrae. And fear not, for a gentle solar-powered glow will illuminate your night.


Chiang Mai - Prae Route:

Chiang Mai to Denchai (Can be purchased 30days prior to service date)

Train 8: Departure 08:50 - Arrival 12:38

Bangkok- Prae Route:

Krungthep Aphiwat to Denchai (Can be purchased 30days prior to service date) 

Train 7 : Departure 09:05 - Arrival 15:23


Overnight in Phrae


Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

With the morning sun, a new adventure beckons. The family will escort you to the vibrant morning market, where a traditional Lanna breakfast in the style of "Khantoke" awaits. As your host guides you through this hidden gem of a market, you'll discover the Northern region's culinary treasures. Get ready to indulge your taste buds in the array of tropical flavours and local delicacies. Amidst the hustle and bustle, you'll also get a chance to connect with the friendly faces of the village.

Following breakfast, the true adventurer within you will step into the timeless realm of Ban Nun, a village that seems untouched by the hands of time and functions as an open-air living museum. A Songtaew (Local Taxi) will whisk you away to this unique village. Depending on the season, you might witness the rhythm of rice farming and the bustling villagers tending to their fields. You might even join in on the tasks, experiencing the authentic essence of their way of life.

Craftsmanship comes alive as you explore various artisan workshops, from the skilled blacksmith to the art of tobacco smoking. These encounters offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of village life. And, if fortune favours you, you might witness a Bai Sri ceremony, a tradition that echoes the era when Phrae was a key part of the Lanna kingdom's grandeur.

Lunchtime brings a delightful surprise as you savour the authentic local flavours of a quaint village restaurant.

Afterwards, you have the freedom to unwind or explore the surroundings at your own pace, perhaps on a bicycle. For those seeking a unique overnight experience, opt for a tent under the embrace of tamarind trees, as this homestay also caters to camping enthusiasts. Well-maintained sanitation facilities and showers are readily available. As evening descends, a tantalising BBQ dinner awaits to gratify your palate.

Overnight in Phrae


Includes Breakfast

With the arrival of a new day, a European-style breakfast provides the perfect start before your journey concludes. But not before you have the opportunity to explore the remarkable moonscape of Phrae Muang Pi and immerse yourself in the local craftsmanship of the Moh Hom (Thai Denim) village. As the time to bid adieu approaches, cherish the memories of this extraordinary haven, knowing that new horizons await your exploration.


Prae - Bangkok Route:

Denchai to Krungthep Aphiwat (Can be purchased 30days prior to service date)

Train 8: Departure 12:39 - Arrival 18:55

Prae- Chiang Mai Route:

Denchai-Chiang Mai (Can be purchased 30days prior to service date)

Train 7 : Departure 15:24 - Arrival 19:30

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